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Argus Consulting Group – Common Sense Aviation Safety.

Argus Consulting Group provide common sense solutions to aviation related issues to State and Federal Government, Corporations and Aviation Operators. We have a lifetime of experience in aviation in Australia and Internationally. Particularly we involved in Emergency Service Helicopter and Fixed Wing Operations, FIFO solutions, procurement and cost saving while preserving the highest levels of safety.
Argus Consultants have developed extensive aviation safety management programs and information. They specialise in systems that work in real life without the armchair experts. Everyone of our consultants has extensive, hands on, practicle, real world experience in their particular field of expertise.
Whether it is an aviation safety audit, a strategic plan, a procurement program or an end-to-end aviation solution, Argus has the resource and skill base to provide common sense aviation safety and operations advice promptly and efficiently.

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Argus is an Australian owned, enterprise offering specialist aviation and general management consultancy services, for the Emergency Services and mining sectors. Our particular expertise is ensuring that aviation suppliers deliver a safe aviation service to our client. We also assist aviation companies in becoming industry leading suppliers. We work in Australia, South East Asia and Africa.

Our lead and principal consultant is Allister Polkinghorne. He is an aviation specialist and a former airline transport as well as aerial application pilot. Allister has post graduate qualifications in management with hands on experience in aviation businesses and the safety regulator having worked as a Chief Pilot, General Manager and Flying Operations Inspector.

Argus has a range of consultants working in these sectors across safety management, contracting, compliance and fleet procurement providing aviation solutions to government and private sector organisations. Recently Argus consultants have provided general management and regulatory compliance solutions to aviation and mining companies in the eastern States of Australia. We have also provided contractual and system safety review in the aviation sector to State and Federal Government organisations. Given our background in both government and private sector organisations, we are confident that we can provide a competitive and complete aviation consultancy service.


Argus Consulting group offers a range of aviation and general management consultancy services, including all aspects of change, project, program, risk and procurement management and business continuity planning.…