Argus is an Australian owned, enterprise offering aviation and general management consultancy services, including all aspects of change, project, program, risk and procurement management and business continuity planning. We particularly work in the fields of aviation and mining.

Argus has a range of consultants working in these sectors across safety management, contracting, compliance and fleet procurement providing aviation solutions to government and private sector organisations. Recently Argus consultants have provided general management and regulatory compliance solutions to aviation and mining companies in the eastern States of Australia. We have also provided contractual and system safety review in the aviation sector to State and Federal Government organisations. Given our background in both government and private sector organisations, we are confident that we can provide a competitive and complete aviation consultancy service.

Our lead and principal consultant is Allister Polkinghorne. He is an aviation specialist and a former airline transport pilot. He also does general management work in the mining sector and on behalf of a range of public sector organisations.