10 Good Reasons to use Argus Consulting Group for Aviation Advice

1. Argus Consulting Group actively participates in and understands the Australian and international aviation environment. The lead consultant is not an armchair expert and aviator of yesteryear. Allister Polkinghorne still goes out a flies corporate charter on a regular basis as well as the occassional stint doing aerial application. There is nothing like first hand, current experience to understand the issues and be in a position to apply real world solutions that work quickly and accurately.

2. Argus Consulting Group conduct safety reviews using a multifaceted approach. They use a combination of desktop review and hands on assessment. This may include conducting observation flights and detailed aircraft inspections; not just a look in the cockpit and stroll around the outside. When required, Argus Consulting Group takes licenced aircraft maintenance engineers to check on the physical state of aircraft in addition to going through maintenance records in detail.

3. The consultants consider organisational culture in that drives the safety outcomes of organisations. They look carefully at the leaders in an organisation and the motivating factors of the Chief Pilot and Chief Engineer. Argus Consulting Group’s long association with the industry allows consultants to reach conclusions quickly and accurately. They are able to show clients where their aviation service provider sits on the safety spectrum.

4. Argus Consulting Group use an ‘above the line’ business strategy that ensures clients receive absolutely independent advice, unfettered by perceptions or conflicting commercial interests. The company in absolutely confidential in their approach to business.

5. We offer a diversity of skill base A principles-based approach to all our work, not imposing any one methodology or template to the task, but adapting our work and advice to suit the client’s culture, environment and regulations. That said, our experience in delivering safety reviews means that we have developed a range of templates and methods that mean clients receive an efficient, descriptive and accurate report in an aviation review.

6. The strategic approach to procuring aviation services can make a major difference to the safety outcomes and the cost of services. Argus Consulting Group with experience with many public sector organisations is able to provide strategic planning for both government and the private sector. Efficient outcomes that deliver the required services in a timely manner is our aim. We have been highly successful in proposing and implementing strategic plans that are workable and deliver the required outcomes on budget on time.

7. Argus Consulting Group has a genuine value-add work ethic that continually seeks opportunity for maximum skills transfer and legacy benefits to clients internal staff. The approach is a mentoring role to improve the safety outcomes for aviation companies and users of aviation services. We work on proven practices rather than untested academic theory. Argus understands the changing information technology landscape and embraces new technologies where there are positive safety, cost and management outcomes.

8. Argus Consulting Group strives for a low carbon footprint. We run a paperless office where practicable and use mobile technology that minimises the need to commute between locations unneccessarily. The company understands the need to be on location for certain functions and travels as efficiently as possible to those locations.

9. The Argus team is a low risk, secure, committed, focussed and high quality group people who can work from a variety of locations around Australia, South East Asia and Africa. We have undertaken consulting tasks in all states of Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Cambodia. Our team has a good understanding of the Civil Aviation Regulatory framework and the workpractice in all of those countries. This comes from a strong regulatory background in Australia and a thorough understanding of the International Civil Aviation Organisation and the regulatory systems of the seven major aviation nations.

10. Argus Consulting Group has a genuine value for money approach from a compact, flexible and responsive organisation operating with minimal overheads. Most importantly, Argus’ corporate and individual commitment to quality and client satisfaction is the cornerstone of all our services.