Why choose Argus?

Argus’ market edge in offering management consultancy services is underpinned by the following key benefits:

  1. The quality of our people, as demonstrated by their experience and verified by previous and current clients. Our clients choose us because we have a commonsense approach to everything we do;
  2. We conduct system reviews through a multifaceted approach of desktop review and product checking which involves looking in depth at organisational culture and performance as well as observation of outcome consistency;
  3. An “above the line” business strategy that ensures clients receive truly independent advice, unfettered by perceptions or conflicting commercial interests;
  4. We offer a diversity of skill base and a principles-based approach to all our work, not imposing any one methodology or template to the task, but adapting our work and advice to suit the client’s culture, environment, and regulations;
  5. We have the ability to draw on existing tools (templates, documentation and methodologies) to meet the specific needs of the project activity;
  6. We have a proven track record of delivering successful outcomes for large, geographically dispersed government and private sector organisations;
  7. A knowledge management capability that offers any client a corporate depth of expertise in addition to the skills of the tasked consultants;
  8. A value-add work ethic that continually seeks opportunity for maximum skills transfer and legacy benefits to internal staff;
  9. Genuine value for money from a compact, flexible and responsive organisation operating with minimal overheads; and
  10. A team low risk, secure, committed, focused and high quality personnel as a result of our employee model.
  11. Most importantly, Argus’ corporate and individual commitment to quality and client satisfaction is the cornerstone of all our services.